Tips for Upgrading Your Car Wash Business This Summer

Published by admin on Apr 29th 2020

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Regardless of what it might mean for actual sales and numbers, summer represents a time of new opportunity and growth. Something about the summer months creates a sense of opportunity and ambition in the savviest of business owners, and the best of them are bound to take advantage of the most social season of the year. When the weather gets more pleasant, you’ll no doubt want to try some new strategies on how to improve your car wash business. 

There’s plenty you can do to give your business that extra touch that keeps your customers coming back month after month. Letting your exterior speak volumes for the quality of your car wash can go a long way, but it won’t mean anything if a car is left with unattractive water spots or a malfunction leaves a customer stuck with a soapy car. Return customers are of paramount importance for the success of your car wash, so give them a car wash they won't regret with these car wash business tips!

Reduce, and Even Eliminate, Labor

We can start off the list with a car wash business tip that may seem a bit scary, particularly to owners that are used to doing things the old fashioned way. Old school business owners can be a bit intimidated by automation, but you will find that reducing labor can significantly improve your bottom line. Not only is labor expensive, but the quality of labor can be inconsistent and not nearly as easy to maintain as more infallible machinery.  If you look at the most effective and successful washes in the world, all of them have equipment packages that can handle even the busiest hours and seasons with no attendants on the floor. If you cannot achieve this, you’ll want to put in the money and time to find and implement more innovative parts by coordinating with a reputable equipment supplier.

Consistency is Key

This is a car wash business tip that is absolutely crucial to the survival of your business. No matter how you attempt to compensate a customer that has had a less than satisfactory experience, they won’t likely forget that they had to take the time to reach out to you and wait for you to make it right. Word of mouth travels fast and any time you show even the smallest lapse in quality, people are bound to hear about it.

These situations have the potential to damage the impression you made on existing customers as well as keep new customers from coming in. If you really want to know how to improve your car wash business, it is imperative that you avoid the need for any “or your money back” situations. Upgrade and frequently test your equipment to ensure that you get every wash right the first time. While the returns will not be immediately evident, you’ll find in time that the results will speak for themselves when you have a reputation of complete consistency.

Make Your Wash an Experience

best car wash business tips and equipment

Whether you are just starting out or your business has been around for a while, consider what makes your car wash unique. Oftentimes, we can only think about a car wash in terms of day to day maintenance, and unfortunately, maintenance is tedious. However, businesses can often benefit from thinking outside the box in terms of how they can make a customer's visit pleasant, perhaps even enjoyable. This is perhaps one of the more abstract, but certainly one of the most important car wash business tips that we can offer.

There are several options for how to improve your car wash business. Many children can remember enjoying a car wash experience almost as though it was an amusement park ride.  While this may inspire some eye-rolls in what you consider practical for a car wish experience, consider parents who are willing to go a little out of their way for something that entertains the kids for a few minutes.

Several bubblizer systems are currently in production with built in LED light systems that not only are top of the line in terms of wash power, but also put on a show! This might seem like a small thing at first, but if you’re looking for good return customers, the first thing that you might consider is making the wash itself an exciting experience. 

Step Up in Social Media

These days, every business—no matter how small—needs to ensure that they have a strong social media presence. This is the absolute cornerstone of modern marketing and an important car wash business tip. A prospective customer needs to know everything there is to know about your business at the click of a button, and web presence is absolutely crucial in terms of communicating with your customers. If you live in a colder location, you can let your customers know on social media when your car wash reopens after you temporarily close for freezing temperatures. You can even offer exciting deals and discounts for people who spread the word through social media. 

Keep Your Repairs to a Minimum

This is less of a car wash business tip and more of a cardinal rule. Having a piece of equipment breaking down on you for a completely preventable reason is unacceptable. Make sure that you are constantly checking to ensure that your equipment is functioning properly. Give your conveyors proper maintenance, and check the Bubblizer to make sure they’re working correctly. No scheduled maintenance whatsoever is too trivial for you to overlook. You should always ensure that you understand your equipment as well as you possibly can so that you can foresee any potential problems.

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