New Car Wash Arch from SARA

Dec 21st 2019

White car going through car wash

The arch is one of the most vital components of any car wash, and one of the most visually recognizable as well. Every place of business needs a tune-up now and again, and you can’t afford to miss out on the modern conveniences offered by the latest arches. With new developments from SARA, this structure becomes the centerpiece of the modern car wash, and you can get in on the ground floor with N/S Corporation. Read on to explore the details of this fantastic new car wash arch.

Revitalize Your Rinse

SARA is short for Smart Activated Rinse Arch, and its technology is just as cutting-edge as you might expect. Strategically located photo eye sensors first calculate the speed of the vehicle entering the wash, determining how much water should be used given the car’s velocity; this is essential to make sure that the exact necessary amount of water is used. This ensures that the car receives a thorough rinse without any water being wasted, saving you money and satisfying your customers. The rinse power then adjusts itself automatically to give the same force no matter what the speed of the oncoming vehicle. And since this car wash arch is designed to compensate for three levels of speed, any car can get the best from your car wash.

Saving Water and Saving Money

The benefits of this car wash rinse arch should be immediately apparent: by automatically calculating the amount of water that should be used to clean a given auto, SARA saves you gallons upon gallons on your water bill by reducing waste and making sure that your car wash is functioning at the apex of efficiency. SARA is designed as a Constant Volume Applicator Arch, meaning that the amount of water being used will stay level, no matter what quantity is needed for a given wash. You won’t find a car wash arch that respects the time and money of your business and your customers more than this offering from N/S Corporation.

Speaking of customers, environmental consciousness is one of the best ways to endear yourself to your patrons. It’s easy to tout SARA as being not just easy on your customer’s wallets, but beneficial for the entire planet if they choose to wash their car in your place of business. The sophistication of this car wash arch can provide incredible marketing for your car wash if you know its specifications and functionality, so impressing your customers with its eco-friendliness is a great way to increase brand awareness and loyalty.

White car emerging from car wash

The Nitty Gritty

If you’re interested in knowing about the specs and details of this unit’s construction before you make an investment, look no further than N/S Wash.

  • SARA is made out of entirely aluminum materials, decreasing the odds of deterioration and providing a sophisticated modern aesthetic.
  • Easy access removable inner and outer panels mean you’ll never have to worry about wear and tear when giving SARA a tune-up or checking for blockages when necessary.
  • Rust-free and R.O. safe composite solenoid valves protect this futuristic car wash arch from the typical wear and tear of lesser models.
  • All Schedule-80 PVC plumbing for rust-free operation. You’ll never have to worry about the interior mechanisms failing on you when you need them most.
  • 12 to 15 inches high, width of 168 inches, depth of 36 inches

The SARA is a car wash rinse arch that isn’t just designed to give your customers the fastest and most effective clean around: it’s specially engineered to be able to do so for years to come as well.

Trust N/S Corporation to Deliver

Over half a century’s worth of satisfied customers will testify that whether you’re in the market for a car wash arch, parts for your bus fleet or something else, you can’t go wrong when you shop with N/S Corporation. We’ve been providing car washes and auto retailers with the finest parts and most advanced technology since 1961, and all of our product is made right here in the United States of America. N/S Corporation services everything from bus fleets to taxi cabs to retail autos, so we’re certain you can find exactly what you’re looking for within our inventory. We carry our legacy proudly, and we guarantee that if your car wash arch isn’t to your satisfaction our expert customer service team will spring into action to make it right.

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Learn More About N/S Corporation Today

If you’re interested in making N/S Corporation the number one provider for all your auto cleanliness needs, get in touch with us today and ask how we can give you the best prices and the best service in the business. We also publish a blog that’s chock full of all the latest happenings when it comes to the world of car washing and maintenance.

Whether this is your first time buying a car wash arch from us or you’re a long-time customer of N/S Corporation, we welcome you to the family. You won’t find a more dedicated retailer than us, whether you’re looking for environmentally friendly car wash options, great bulk pricing on wholesale orders, or replacement parts for any wash system under the sun, be it transit, fleet, or retail. We give you more than just a high-tech car wash rinse arch here at N/S Wash: we give you savings you can trust, service you can depend on, and over 50 years of quality control straight from the experts. If you’ve gotten a car wash arch from the competition and found it lacking, make the right choice and switch to N/S Corporation today.