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  • Jul 28th 2017

    Our Friends at Redondo Car Wash

    Eco-conscious car washes are becoming the industry standard because along with helping our environment, they reduce waste and cut costs for car wash facilities. Because of the new initiative to g…

  • Mar 16th 2017

    NS Flex Coupling Maintenance

    Background: The NS Flex Coupling was designed specifically for transit and car wash machines by our owner/founder Thomas Ennis to withstand the rigors and abuse se…

  • Dec 24th 2016

    Happy Holidays From N/S Wash

    As the holiday season comes around, we find ourselves wanting to thank all of our customers, supporters, employees, and friends. For us, the holidays are a time for reflection, thanks, and g…

  • Nov 22nd 2016

    Car Wash Kits to Reduce Your Downtime

    If your car wash system is used frequently, you may notice that certain parts get worn out. Suddenly, you have to shut down for expensive maintenance and repairs, losing money and customer…

  • Nov 4th 2016

    N/S Corporation Supports Local Police

    After driving by a car wash used by the Inglewood Police Department, N/S Corporation’s team saw that the wash system was in dire need of essential repairs. According to N/S Corporation’s President,…

  • Aug 31st 2016

    Unique Car Washes that Help the Environment

    These days, businesses of all types are actively seeking out ways to become more environmentally friendly. Not only is poor waste and power management detrimental to the planet, but it also…

  • Aug 19th 2016

    NS Corporation Announces New Online Store Launch

    Aug 19, 2016, 08:00 PT from NS Corporation. Inglewood, California, Aug. 18, 2016 /-- NS Corporation (aka NS Wash Systems), which manufactures and installs truck, bus, train and car washes as…

  • Jul 26th 2016

    N/S Wash Equipment: Brush Adjustments

    The wrap around brush was one of N/S Corporation’s first patents, issued in 1967. These brushes—especially those made with Lammscloth (another N/S Corporation patent)—are still in use today. Wash s…

  • Jun 16th 2016

    ICA 2016

    This year, N/S Corporation attended the International Carwash Association show in Nashville, Tennessee. With several new models to introduce and many of the best wash systems to showcase, N/S C…

  • Jun 12th 2016

    Mega Bubblizer & Vortex Spinner Arch

    When bubble washes were introduced to the industry, they were a drastic turning point for vehicle wash systems. Bubbles cleaned vehicles more efficiently than foam or water because they spre…

  • Jun 9th 2016

    Eco-Friendly Aspects of N/S Corporation Systems

    As our culture becomes more environmentally conscious, one particular industry that faces constant criticism is vehicle washing. The amount of water used to keep vehicles sparkling clean can draw a…

  • May 5th 2016

    An Overview of Coney Island’s Train Wash

    Every kind of transit vehicle requires regular washing, including trains. Not only does regular cleaning improve a train’s look, but it is an important part of protecting a transit authority’s subs…

  • Mar 23rd 2016

    I've Bought My First Car Wash ... Now What?

    It is truly an exciting time for the car wash industry. The number of vehicles (both for private and public use) is at an all time high, and the concern for a clearn car has never been more…

  • Mar 21st 2016

    5 Car Wash Business Ideas for the Modern Age

    Starting up a car wash is very similar to starting up any other kind of modern business: establish a target customer base; reach out to that customer base and make your business visible to them; ma…

  • Mar 20th 2016

    Car Wash Promotion Ideas for Your Grand Opening

    Today in the NS Wash Blog, we are sharing some great car wash promotion ideas for opening up a car wash in style to attract plenty of new customers. Starting a new business can be worrisome, b…

  • Mar 17th 2016

    N/S Wash Proudly Sponsors West LA Little League

    The West Los Angeles Little League, located at the iconic Bad News Bears Fields (which was the site of the 1976 film The Bad News Bears), kicked off its 65th season last month with a ceremon…

  • Mar 10th 2016

    Training - Many Available Resources

    Training - Many Available Resources By Sydney Sullivan Knott So you want to get into the car wash business? Looks easy, right? Just send dirty cars through the tunnel and they co…

  • Dec 1st 2015

    Car Wash Manager Accidentally Tied to Rotating Brush

    We've all heard the song “Car Wash,” and have likely taken our cars for a spin through one, but what would happen if your car wash took you for a spin? That’s exactly what happened to Josh Hood,…

  • Sep 15th 2015

    DIY Car Cleaning: The 5 Best Car Washing Supplies

    For many people, their vehicle does more than just provide transportation. Vehicles are often part of a person’s image, and a car covered in grime can send the wrong message. Keeping your car clean…

  • Sep 10th 2015

    N/S Wash Featured in Auto Laundry News

    Customers across the world rely on N/S Wash when they want to make sure their vehicles are sparking clean. Through our dedication to washing the world one vehicle at a time for more than five decad…

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