N/S Corporation Installs Third Leak Test System for Train Manufacturers

Aug 30th 2017


Given the depth of knowledge and considerable experience in washing transit vehicles for decades, N/S Corporation is proud to announce that we have embarked on a new market segment: Leak Testing. We’re currently working with train manufacturers across the United States to ensure their trains are meeting the high quality control standards consumers expect. Read on to learn more about our innovative developments for the train testing industry.

Leak Testing Trains

Wet testing is a new and expanding vertical market. With train manufacturers now relying on N/S high pressure arches to test trains for leaks, we’re building customized designs to assist them.

The custom system pictured consists of a series of arches that blast manufactured rail cars with high pressure water. Over the course of the testing process, we bombard the trains from many angles to ensure that the seals on the railcars are strong.

At this location in Springfield MA, there are two 75 HP pumps in play, as well as a 40 HP pump. These pumps work in tandem to fuel 16 blast arches and 4 powerful undercarriage sprays, so no part of the train systems is untested.

A Trusted Partner

N/S Corporation is proud to partner with train manufacturers worldwide to assist in manufacturing quality control. If you’d like to work with us on any sort of custom leak testing system, reach out to our representatives today!

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