N/S Corporation is an essential local business in Inglewood, CA. N/S manufactures vehicle wash systems and replacement parts for public mass transit and other critical infrastructure agencies.

Brushes – Mitter Curtain

The secrets to the success of N/S Corporation’s comprehensive car wash systems are the wrap around brushes and car wash mitter curtain. Even with effective soap, high powered water jets, and a great blower system, all will be lost without effective friction materials and mechanically sound brushes. The Lammscloth Mitter Curtain has created a very simple yet effective standard for car wash quality.

Front to Rear or Side to Side Mitter Curtain?

N/S Corporation offers two styles of car wash mitter curtain: front to rear or side to side. Both are offered on our Eco-Series car wash systems. We recommend a system with both options for optimal vehicular coverage.

Car wash mitter curtain

Side to Side Lammscloth Mitter Curtain

Single oscillating Side-to-Side Lammscloth top mitter curtain with 96-inch vehicle clearance, aluminum support modules with electric motor drive with electrical cord to junction box on bulkhead.
Part# SYS-300

    • Available in soft cloth at no additional charge. PVC spray bar included.
    • Dimensions: 6’3″
    • Powder Coating (Optional)
Car wash mitter curtain

Front to Rear Lammscloth Mitter Curtain

Front-to-Rear Lammscloth top mitter curtain, aluminum support structure (available with 1 HP electric motor drive only) with electrical cord to a junction box on bulkhead.
Part# SYS-700

    • Available in soft cloth at no additional charge. PVC spray bar included.
    • Space required: 5 feet.
    • Powder Coating (Optional)

Make sure to purchase a quality lammscloth mitter curtain for your wash from N/S Corporation, there is no other rival material that can deliver a better quality wash. Lammscloth is the gentlest friction material available in the vehicle wash system market. Many of our customers believe lammscloth brushes are the closest way to replicate a gentle hand wash on the marketplace.