N/S Corporation is an essential local business in Inglewood, CA. N/S manufactures vehicle wash systems and replacement parts for public mass transit and other critical infrastructure agencies.

High Pressure Arches

DIA-500 Spot-Free Single Loop Rinse Applicator Arch.  System includes:

  • Aluminum support frame.
  • 10-ft vehicle clearance.
  • PVC piping, nozzles and check valves.
  • PVC solenoid valve.
  • Extra guide rail.
  • Water preparation system not included / see reverse osmosis pricing.
  • Additional clearance options available.
  • Canted arch option available.

PAR-500 Single Spray Arch without chemical injection system.  System includes:

  • Aluminum frame – 10-ft vehicle clearance.
  • Extra guide rail.
  • Additional clearance options available.
  • Canted arch option available.

POR-500 Dual Spray Arch.  System Includes:

  • Aluminum frame – 10′ vehicle clearance.
  • Extra guide rail.
  • Additional clearance options available.
  • Canted arch option available.

SARA  Smart Activated Rinse Arch. A constant volume applicator.

Programmed for 3 speed ranges

• Strategically located photo eye sensors calculate vehicle speed

Reduce Wasted Water

 Make Better Use of your Water for a more Efficient Rinse

Provide the Same Rinse at all Times regardless of Speed

HPA-010 10 Spinner Arch.  System includes:

  • Structural aluminum frame – 13′ vehicle clearance.
  • Additional clearance options available.
  • Pump not included.

One of the most common pieces of technology in car wash operations is arches. Most operations feature multiple car wash arches as these vital pieces can be configured for a variety of purposes. When building a new car wash structure or expanding an existing operation, why settle for a substandard arch? Get one from the industry proven leader N/S Wash.

Arches in All Styles

No matter what kind of transit vehicles your system services, N/S Wash has a car wash arch to fit your needs. Available in a variety of styles, our arches are made from durable aluminum that is coated to be corrosion resistant and longer-lasting. They also have a minimum 10’ clearance to handle vehicles of different sizes and include an extra guide rail to help vehicles move through your wash system efficiently and get back on the road with a professional shine.

In addition to the standard features you expect from car wash arches, our brand of arches come with a variety of options depending on your system’s needs. Our styles include useful equipment such as rinse applicators, single and dual sprayers, sprayers with and without chemical injectors, and spinners. With so many styles available, we are confident you will be able to outfit your entire system with innovative N/S Wash arches.