The car wash doesn’t have to be a dull experience. Instead of just zoning out, your customers can be witnessing a fabulous car wash light show once you’ve installed the Bubblizer™. This next-generation car wash system uses brightly colored soap and bubbles to create a dazzling display. N/S’ Bubblizer™ has changed the industry. Not only has it offered a revolutionary way to deliver chemicals, but it is a money maker for every tunnel owner. Separate Bubblizer™ top package offerings have taken the car wash industry by storm. Once again, N/S has capitalized on simplicity, rather than complexity. The Bubblizer™ lets the bubbles dropped on the vehicle do all of the work. Discover the benefits of using a Bubblizer™ to dispense chemical instead of foamers. Just like shaving, foam needs to be pushed, or circulated with friction material. Bubbles on the other hand, run over the surface of the vehicle, allowing for better coverage and more thorough dispersing of a given chemical. Use a Bubblizer™ to apply soap, wax, or glass treatments, and denote each of the additions to your top package with a light and bubble show! What better way to give your customer’s confidence that the extra money they are spending is being put to good use!

A Car Wash With a Theme

With the Bubblizer, you can offer your customers an entertaining and enjoyable experience whenever they need to get their cars cleaned. Imagine using it to set up a volcano car wash light show. The customer drives into the mouth of the volcano and then the vehicle gets covered in orange, lava-colored soap. Or you can recreate an enormous beehive, with bright yellow soap dripping like wax over the car.

car wash bubblizer


  • Multi-use chemical applicator arch that creates a dazzling light show for customers.
  • Increases revenue per car.
  • Improves chemical efficiency for use with soap or wax…Bubbles Spread, Foam Sticks.
  • Creates WOW factor that deferentiates your business from competitors.
  • Increases customer loyalty.
  • Mounts to 4”x4” square anchor, 6”x6” square bulkhead or to 4” round arch.
  • All PVC internal Bubblizer plumbing manifold
  • Standard built-in DEMA chemical injection
  • Mechanical valve switch for automatic system refill

Vehicle Clearance: 96″

Electrical: 1.5 HP/ 120VAC/ single phase/ 7A motor

  • Chemical dosing pump
  • Other powder coating colors available
  • Can be mounted to free-standing arch (available) or new/ existing equipment
  • Multi-Color lights available
  • The Bubblecano (Volcano lighted sign package)

Easy Installation

The Bubblizer® can easily fit over whatever car wash system you already have in place. You can make a huge splash in your town by being the only car wash light show with high entertainment value. Push your business ahead of the competition by pairing wash quality with an unforgettable experience for all ages. There are no special requirements for installation, so there’s nothing holding you back from bettering your business with the Bubblizer®.

Dispense soap, wax, and glass chemistry with your Bubblizer® and expand your offering and your revenue.

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