Galaxy 6m System


  • The Galaxy 6M enhances front & rear cleaning of your vehicles by eliminating over-speeding errors during the wash process. 
  • Reclaim water usage as high as 80 %, reducing fresh water usage to minimum.  
  • Increased Chemical dwell-time for maximum road grim breakdown.
  • Standard drive-thru Rolling Curb Rail containment system for straight and safe vehicle guiding.
  • Effectively wash school buses, transit buses, motor coaches, delivery trucks and more.
  • Flexibility for stopping the vehicle within a 5 feet range for front and rear washing.
  • Optional high pressure Under-Carriage wash, Wheel Washing, Blowers, RO and Reclaim Water systems and are available
  • Backed with over 60 years of experience and proud to be made in AMERICA with ISO certification.

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Operating Sequence


• Vehicle enters wash bay and activates the Pre-Soak Detergent arch.

• Galaxy 6M onboard light turns RED to stop vehicle for Stage-One (point A) and Pre-Soak Arch shuts off.

• Galaxy 6M starts Stage-One Front Wash process.

• With Front Wash complete Stage-Two light will turn GREEN to proceed forward; as it does, brushes continue cleaning top and side surfaces.

• Vehicle proceeds thru High Pressure Reclaim rinse arch and Fresh/RO water final rinse.

• Stage-Two light at exit end turns RED to stop vehicle at point B for REAR Wash process and shuts off Reclaim and Fresh water arches.

• After Rear Wash is completed, exit light will turn green and vehicle will be rinsed and water blow-off as it exits the wash.

Recommended Bay Requirements:


Galaxy 6M-12:

        • Height: 17’
        • Width:  20’
        • Length: 60’

Galaxy 6M-14:

        • Height: 19’
        • Width:  20’
        • Length: 60’ plus the length of the longest vehicle

System Dimensions:


Galaxy 6M-12:

    • Height: 14’4” (frame) + 1’8” (with top brush in highest position)
    • Width:  15’7”
    • Length: 7’6”
    • Vehicle Clearance Height: 12’
    • Vehicle Clearance Width: 10’




  • 208/230V, 3 phase 30 Amp
  • 460/480V, 3 phase 15 Amp
  • 575/600V, 3 phase 15 Amp


  • 208/230V, 3 phase 30 Amp
  • 460/480V, 3 phase 15 Amp
  • 575/600V, 3 phase 15 Amp


  • Dryer systems
  • Wax applicator system
  • Traffic lights
  • Undercarriage wash
  • Vacuum systems
  • Electric eye activation
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Water recycling systems
  • Auto start and more

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