Get the Most from Your Car Wash Startup Costs with These 5 Tips

Soapy car wheelThere’s no doubt about it—the world’s population is growing. Thus, there is a need for larger and more efficient systems of public transit. Though more and more people are finding they need adequate transportation, they still want to make sure that they’re riding in a vehicle that’s extremely clean both inside and out. Therefore, it’s a great time to get into the transit/retail wash business. With the help of N/S Corporation, you can minimize car wash startup costs and maximize your return on investment.

1. Keep Waste at a Minimum, Just Like Your Expenses

Waste comes in many forms, and our planet could use much less of it. In the car wash industry, waste usually consists of used water, cleaning chemicals, and broken components headed to the landfill. Thanks to N/S Corporation, your initial car wash startup costs will not go to waste. We hold a number of patents, both inside and outside the U.S., that guarantee the value of our products. In addition, many of our ECO wash systems include layouts and parts for water recycling bays, which keep your environmental footprint extremely low.

2. Get Quality Components Up Front, Not Down the RoadInside of car windshield being washed

Many wash system owners try to minimize their car wash startup costs by purchasing inexpensive system parts in the beginning, and then worry about inevitable repair costs after they’ve recouped their expenses. In our opinion, it’s always better to get it right the first time and purchase a quality car wash system. N/S Corporation manufactures all of our high quality, durable parts using efficient, eco-friendly methods. By minimizing repair costs down the road, you can extend your timetable of profitability without having to worry about breakdowns.

3. Know Your Customer, and their Vehicles

Are you planning on running a wash system for oversized transit vehicles, a fleet of rental sedans, or a retail wash system for everyday people? Put your car wash startup costs toward the right layout for your wash system. Knowing your target customer now means less overhauling later. If you think you’ll eventually expand your business, make sure to leave enough space in your wash bay for a wide variety of vehicles.

Commuter train at the station4. Rely On Quality Machinery To Lower Labor Costs

In the past, anyone thinking about starting up a car wash business was required to assemble a team of employees, only to find out later that some worked more efficiently than others. This operational strategy only leads to frustration, unnecessary employment costs, and other avoidable problems. All wash systems manufactured by N/S Corporation can be operated remotely through a state-of-the-art electronic control panel, removing the need for extensive employee training and high car wash startup costs.

5. Only Purchase Wash Systems and Components from a Reputable Company

N/S Corporation has built an incredible reputation in the international wash industry for our quality parts, unmatched customer service, and roster of successful clients. We pride ourselves on sustainability, durability, and satisfaction. Low costs mean getting your setup right the first time, and you can trust the experienced team at N/S Corporation to help you throughout the process. We are proud to have worked with companies like Turtle Wax, Washmasters, Thrify Car Rental, and more. Whichever company you choose, make sure it’s one you can trust to help you start a successful business.


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