Retail Service

Car wash repair service from NS Wash gets your commercial wash running at peak efficiency. If you run a retail car sales or fleet operation, keeping vehicles clean and looking great is a necessity. Cleaning vehicles on-site reduces turn-around time to get them back in front of the customers faster, but not every operation has the experienced personnel needed to maintain or repair a commercial car wash. Our car wash maintenance service gives you the expert assistance you need to keep your wash running and your vehicles moving.

Brochure explaining car wash deals.

Let Our Technicians Handle the Maintenance

We have a variety of comprehensive car wash repair service plans to take care of all of your car wash maintenance needs with less stress. Our plans cover:

  • New Service Warranties To Protect Your Investment
  • Maintenance Contracts For Regular Upkeep
  • On-Demand Services To Address New Issues
  • Preventative Car Wash Maintenance Services To Avoid Downtime

Service Tailored To Your Operational Needs

We know how valuable it is to have a reliable wash system. Whether you’re looking for assistance in regular car wash maintenance, need emergency help when a critical piece breaks down, or are looking for guidance installing a new system, our service contracts have you covered. Our car wash repair service technicians work alongside the engineers who designed each of our innovative systems, so you can count on your system being serviced by professionals who know how to do the job right. Contact NS Wash for your car wash’s health today.

Download attachments: Maintenance Services Brochure