The car wash doesn’t have to be a dull experience. Instead of just zoning out, your customers can be witnessing a fabulous car wash light show once you’ve installed the Bubblizer. This next-generation car wash system uses brightly colored soap and bubbles to create a dazzling display. N/S’ bubblizer has changed the industry. Not only has it offered a revolutionary way to deliver chemicals, but it is a money maker for every tunnel owner. Separate Bubblizer top package offerings have taken the car wash industry by storm. Once again, N/S has capitalized on simplicity, rather than complexity. The Bubblizer lets the bubbles dropped on the vehicle do all of the work. Discover the benefits of using a Bubblizer to dispense chemical instead of foamers. Just like shaving, foam needs to be pushed, or circulated with friction material. Bubbles on the other hand, run over the surface of the vehicle, allowing for better coverage and more thorough dispersing of a given chemical. Use a Bubblizer to apply soap, wax, or glass treatments, and denote each of the additions to your top package with a light and bubble show! What better way to give your customer’s confidence that the extra money they are spending is being put to good use!

car wash bubblizer