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RCE RoboXhaust Remote Control Exhaust Removal System.  The Robo-Xhaust System safely removes bus exhaust fumes from the work environment.  System includes:

  • Single Hand held remote control for all operations.
  • Robotic arm extends and adjusts to reach bus exhaust up to 17′ 6″ horizontally and 12′ vertically   within 180 degree radius movement.
  • One unit will handle two bays.
  • Flexible silicon / rubber exhaust scoop for temps up to 800 degree f.
  • Flexible silicon exhaust hose for temps up to 850 degree f.
  • Exhaust blower fan 3/4 HP – 300 CFM – (optional 3 HP 1,000 CFM).

Note: Exhaust Duct to the roof/wall is not included.