N/S Corporation is an essential local business in Inglewood, CA. N/S manufactures vehicle wash systems and replacement parts for public mass transit and other critical infrastructure agencies.

most efficient wash system


  • Simply the most efficient and affordable wash systems in the industry.
  • A complete Bus Wash system with a small footprint that can fit almost anywhere.
  • Two side Lammscloth brushes.
  • One Soft Turf scrubber curtain.
  • Detergent applicator with DEMA loop injector.
  • Final rinse applicator with solenoid valve.


The complete solution for your bus fleet. Our new bus wash has revolutionized the large vehicle cleaning industry with the Smallest Footprint, patented Lammscloth cleaning components, Super Flex couplings, and the ultimate in affordability.    High quality…Efficiency…Affordability


Minimum Bay Requirements:

  • Height: 15’ – 17’
  • Width: 19’

System Dimensions:

  • Width:  15’

Vehicle Clearance:

  • Height (10’ – 15’)
  • Width (102”)



  • 220 VAC 3-phase 60 Hz


  • 2-step, high/low pH chemical application
  • Water recycling
  • Reverse Osmosis final rinse
  • Blower/dryer systems
  • Sewer discharge neutralizing system
  • Speed controlRed/green entry control lights

N/S Corporation is known for our environmentally conscious manufacturing practices, as well as our focus on maintaining a small environmental footprint from the continuous use of our bus washing systems. The Big Mini, one of N/S Corporation’s most popular wash systems, is specifically designed for commercial buses at an affordable price. Its complex system of brushes, rinse applicators, detergent applicators, vacuums, air dryers, and valves are all seamlessly automated through an easy-to-use central control unit. There are also useful add-ons available to optimize your system, such as water recycling components, wheel wash systems, and a sewer discharge neutralizing function.

Passengers Always Appreciate a Clean Bus

Opinions of public transit are often closely related to the cleanliness of the transit vehicle in question. A clean vehicle equals happy passengers, who in turn recognize that the vehicle’s owner cares about their satisfaction. Although all of the bus washing systems built by N/S Corporation are unmatched in quality, the Big Mini is particularly efficient for those companies that operate large fleets of buses that need constant maintenance and quality care. The number of additional options available makes the Big Mini a great choice for those who strive for low environmental impact and low operational costs.

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