The heart of the car wash is the brushes—they do the brunt of the work and essentially determine how thorough of a cleaning a customer’s car will get. To take your car wash’s quality to the next level, discover lammscloth car wash brushes from N/S Corporation.

The Wrap-Around Difference

Most car wash brushes can only move either forward and backward or side to side. Wrap-around Lammscloth brushes, however, are a different breed—they spin on an axis, offering a circular motion in the direction the vehicle is moving. This movement more closely resembles the motion of car washing by hand than what traditional brushes can provide as our brushes spin at a slower rate than that of our competitors. In addition, most of the competition uses firmer friction materials, in most cases foam, which does not offer the same coverage as lammscloth. Given the higher speed and denser material, not only is the cleaning capability inferior but from the interior of the car, the brushes of the competition are quite loud. Watch N/S lammscloth car wash brushes walk around your car and deliver wash quality so close to that of a hand wash, you might not be able to tell the difference.