N/S Corporation is an essential local business in Inglewood, CA. N/S manufactures vehicle wash systems and replacement parts for public mass transit and other critical infrastructure agencies.


To make sure your car wash system keeps functioning like a well-oiled machine, you’ll need a reliable and sturdy car wash conveyor. The Excalibur Conveyor is the hottest, heavy-duty conveyor in the marketplace. The Excalibur was designed to solve a car wash entrepreneur’s problems: dependence on compressed air to maintain chain tension, hard to reach lubrication points, the need for a come along, and the time needed to perform standard maintenance. NS Wash actually simplified the modern design.

The Excalibur car wash conveyor has a mechanical manual roller call up that can be foot activated for upkeep on your car wash conveyor rollers. It also includes a single point lubrication panel and there is no pneumatic cylinder to maintain chain tension. You can loosen the conveyor chain for maintenance in less than 45 seconds using the two-ton screw jack and a regular hand drill.

Excalibur car wash conveyor

The Excalibur Conveyor

Heavy-duty over/under on-demand conveyor ENTRY or EXIT sections with ELECTRIC GEAR MOTOR assembly, variable speed, air-operated roller call-up with 3’6″ roller increments and a base length of 20 feet, (compressed air required). Includes 5 HP gear motor and frequency inverter & roller call-up and control panel. Guide rail opening of 13½”.

Part # OUD-200E Electric

Excalibur car wash conveyor

The Excalibur Conveyor

Heavy-duty over/under on-demand conveyor with 5HP HYDRAULIC POWER PACK (20ft conveyor), gear motor assembly, variable speed air-operated roller call-up with 3’6″ foot roller increments and base length of 20 feet, (compressed air required.) Guide rail opening of 13½”.

Part # OUD-200H Hydraulic

Car wash conveyor

Car Wash Conveyor Center Sections

Part# OUD-200-C5 Heavy-duty over/under on-demand conveyor 5-foot center sections

Part# OUD-200-C10 Heavy-duty over/under on-demand conveyor 10-foot center sections

Car wash conveyor chain

Car Wash Conveyor Chains

Conveyor Chain x458 per foot

Part# 670-1608

car wash conveyor roller

Car Wash Conveyor Rollers

Dolly Assembly, X458 chain

Part# 670-1613

N/S Corporation provides either electric or hydraulic drives with Heco gear reducers, UHMW inner and outer guide rails, UHMW chain guides that reduce chain wear, an anti-jam roller call up system, high profile rollers for smoother push or pull operation, and X458 chain. N/S also offers car wash conveyor center sections, available in 5 foot or 10 foot lengths. For any questions, get in contact with us today.