N/S Corporation is an essential local business in Inglewood, CA. N/S manufactures vehicle wash systems and replacement parts for public mass transit and other critical infrastructure agencies.

High Volume/ Pressure

Spinning wheel washers

Free Standing Blast Arch with spinners mounted on passenger & driver side. Recommended for reclaim water, solenoid required when using reclaim water.  Pumps not Included.  Available configurations include:

BLAST-ARCH-ST-2 Two spinners with 4 jets each (10 HP pump required)

BLAST-ARCH-ST-3 Three spinners with 4 jets each (15 HP pump required)

BLAST-ARCH-ST-6 Six spinners with 4 jets each (20 HP pump required)

High pressure car wash machine

BLAST-HP-WH High pressure wheel blaster mounted on passenger & driver side.  Includes:

  • 6-oscillating turbo nozzles.
  • 15 HP high pressure pump, 800 psi with pressure adjustment.
  • Holding tank with auto refill.
  • Panel NOT included.

FLOOD-ARC Flooder rinse arch. Galvanized pipe arch on aluminum stands.