N/S Corporation is an essential local business in Inglewood, CA. N/S manufactures vehicle wash systems and replacement parts for public mass transit and other critical infrastructure agencies.

100 Feet and Over

100 ft Front Wheel-Pull Conveyor with a ECO10

Blue print design of a car wash.

1) Transformer

2) Start/Stop Buttons

3) Over/Under Conveyor

4) Tire Soap Applicator

5) Spray Blocker Curtain

6) Aqua Wall Arch

7) 5 HP Compressor

8) Confirmation Sign

9) 20 HP Reclaim Pump

10) ECO-7 Front-to-Rear System

11) Bubblizer (Wax)

12) Final Rinse Arch (Rinse/Wax)

13) Air Wiper Blower System

14) Reverse Osmosis

15) RO Rinse Pump (2 HP)

16) Reverse Osmosis Storage Tank


17) Chemical Mixing Board (6 station)

18) Above Ground Clarifier

19) Vacuum Station System

20) Electric Eyes

21) Tunnel Controller

22) Pulse Switch J-Box

23) Pulse Switch

24) Belt Correlator

25) 1500-gallon Reclaim Storage Tank

26) 7-Spinner Blaster Arch

27) Vacuum Station System

28) RO Rinse Arch

29) Roller Call-Up J-Box and Air Trio

30) Roller Present Switch

31) Instruction Sign

32) Stop & Go Sign


Every vehicle that is in constant use collects huge amounts of dirt, grime, and mud. Even the largest transit corporations in the world must spend time thinking about how they are going to keep their prized fleet clean and minimize the amount of waste generated by doing so. Thanks to the accomplished team of designers at N/S Corporation, there is no longer a need to worry about maintaining your fleet, no matter how many vehicles or their size. Our eco-friendly car wash layout designs feature state-of-the-art design attributes that reduce environmental waste while at the same time producing that shiny result we all strive for.

Clean Your Fleet, Lower Your Costs, and Keep Satisfaction High

N/S Corporation offers a wide range of wash system layouts for servicing vehicles that require a wash bay of over 100 feet. Using a 120-foot conveyor and front wheel pull system, a vehicle will be taken from rinse to dry in no time. Even though all environmentally-friendly car wash layout designs include every part you need for a complete installation, the experts at N/S Corporation are more than willing to help you out along the way. We have worked with thousands of international transit corporations, and have proudly played a role in reducing water waste while keeping our customers’ vehicles sparkling clean.