N/S Corporation is an essential local business in Inglewood, CA. N/S manufactures vehicle wash systems and replacement parts for public mass transit and other critical infrastructure agencies.

Less than 100ft

70’ Front Wheel Pull Conveyor with a ECO-7 Front-to-Rear

wash system blueprint

1) Transformer

2) Start/Stop Buttons

3) Over/Under Conveyor

4) Tire Soap Applicator

5) Spray Blocker Curtain

6) Aqua Wall Arch

7) 5 HP Compressor

8) Confirmation Sign

9) 20 HP Reclaim Pump

10) ECO-7 Front-to-Rear System

11) Bubblizer (Wax)

12) Final Rinse Arch (Rinse/Wax)

13) Air Wiper Blower System

14) Reverse Osmosis

15) RO Rinse Pump (2 HP)

16) Reverse Osmosis Storage Tank

17) Chemical Mixing Board (6 station)

18) Above Ground Clarifier

19) Vacuum Station System

20) Electric Eyes

21) Tunnel Controller

22) Pulse Switch J-Box

23) Pulse Switch

24) Belt Correlator

25) 1500-gallon Reclaim Storage Tank

26) 7-Spinner Blaster Arch

27) Vacuum Station System

28) RO Rinse Arch

29) Roller Call-Up J-Box and Air Trio

30) Roller Present Switch

31) Instruction Sign

32) Stop & Go Sign

It is often hard to find a property with easy access and good visibility at an affordable price, which is why a small car wash layout is sometimes necessary in today’s business environment. This car wash layout for lengths of less than 100 feet provides an innovative, appealing, and functional carwash layout that is enticing to potential customers and can increase productivity while reducing labor and maintenance costs.

In the fast-paced world of business, a car wash has to be efficient and effective. That means it must process cars quickly and provide a robust selection of extra service selections to deliver a consistently clean, dry, and polished product. N/S’ team of experts have done just that with an express wash system that accommodates a carwash layout in less than 100 feet of space.

This 70′ front wheel pull conveyor with an ECO-7 Front-to-Rear has a simplicity of design but still provides a quality and consistently clean, polished vehicle. No longer do you have to give up quality for a smaller operation. Our car wash layout for less than 100 feet of space offers functionality and design for nearly any area. Maximize your space’s potential.