There’s a new standard in car wash technology. The ECO-10 is a ten-brush system that cleans and protects with increased efficiency. The ECO-10 is the cutting edge system in N/S’s ECO line of equipment. Within only 26 feet of space, there are 10 friction points, 4 wrap around brushes, 4 rocker panel brushes, a side-to-side mitter curtain, and a front-to-rear mitter curtain. The frame’s durable, yet lightweight aerospace grade aluminum runs on a 10 hp load. N/S Corporation’s green car wash machine will help your business make the leap to the forefront of environmentally conscious car washing. The Eco-10 features the same technology that N/S has employed in its fleet and corporate customer bays for decades. Revel in the mechanical simplicity, yet incredible functionality of N/S engineering. The wash modules of the ECO line are also easy to maintain and your replacement parts are at a reasonable cost. Use less water and less power to grow your profits!