N/S Corporation is an essential local business in Inglewood, CA. N/S manufactures vehicle wash systems and replacement parts for public mass transit and other critical infrastructure agencies.


There’s a new standard in car wash technology. The ECO-10 is a ten-brush system that cleans and protects with increased efficiency. The ECO-10 is the cutting edge system in N/S’s ECO line of equipment. Within only 26 feet of space, there are 10 friction points, 4 wrap around brushes, 4 rocker panel brushes, a side-to-side mitter curtain, and a front-to-rear mitter curtain. The frame’s durable, yet lightweight aerospace grade aluminum runs on a 10 hp load. N/S Corporation’s green car wash machine will help your business make the leap to the forefront of environmentally conscious car washing. The Eco-10 features the same technology that N/S has employed in its fleet and corporate customer bays for decades. Revel in the mechanical simplicity, yet incredible functionality of N/S engineering. The wash modules of the ECO line are also easy to maintain and your replacement parts are at a reasonable cost. Use less water and less power to grow your profits!

Dynamic Brush System


Customize Your Car Wash
Not all car washes are created equal. Once you’ve installed the ECO-10 on your lot, you can put your own unique, personal stamp on it by supplementing with additional features. N/S recommends using lammscloth on your friction equipment, but the system can be fabricated with any brush material. You can also fit your ECO-10 with a Bubblizer, an air-drying system, a vacuum system, or a wheel wash system to create a full-service experience, all while gaining a reputation for environmentally friendly service with this green car wash machine.

Lammscloth Seal

NS Wash System’s ECO Series wash systems include our patented Lammscloth brush material.  Customers will thank you by coming back again and again.  Lammscloth was designed for cleaning vehicles deeply without dulling or damaging paint finishes and clear coats.  Lammscloth works like hundreds of hand mitts, slowly covering the vehicle with the proper amount of soap and water, while thoroughly cleaning vehicles with a quiet and gentle “hand wash” motion.  Lammscloth was proven in tests by DupontTM Performance Coatings to provide the safest, longest lasting shine in the industry. The fact is, customers feel more comfortable knowing that their “pride and joy” isn’t being whipped with harsh and forceful sounding brushes.  Every business needs a competitive edge.  Lammscloth is a powerful marketing tool that creates customer loyalty, which means more business for you!


Aerial View of Car Wash

System Dimensions:

  • Height: 11’
  •  Width:  14.5′
  • Length: 26.5′
  • Vehicle Clearance: 96″

System Utility Requirements:

  • Voltage:   208/230/480 – 60 Hz
  • Single Point for electrical, air and chemical connections.  


  • Air drying systems
  • Vacuum systems
  • Wheel wash systems
  • Water recycling systems
  • Chemical tire applicators
  • Retractable tire gloss applicator
  • High volume spinner arches
  • Excalibur conveyor
  • Aquawall
  • Bubblizer
  • Auto Hand Wax module
  • Undercarriage wash system
  • Multi-use arches

Car Wash Meets Entertainment

Take your wash service to the next level by outfitting your ECO-10 with the Bubblizer colored soap and light show system. The best incentive for finally taking the car to get washed is actually enjoying the trip—make it as if your customers were driving through the mouth of a volcano, or other fun settings. Get ready to hear the kids asking to go to the car wash again and again.  N/S is a pioneer in the themed carwash segment, explore our webpage and look for our themed carwashes on Youtube

Contact Us for Pricing Information

NS Wash – Fleet Systems 1-877-NSWASH-1

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