Automatic car wash system

Don’t Hose Me Man!

N/S Themed Car Washes are emerging all over Southern California.  Think outside of the box.  Let N/S manufacture your themed concept today!

N/S Corporation has next generation car wash systems built around engaging themes and latest innovations to create an experience that is fun and memorable. Instead of having customers idly wait while their vehicle is pushed through a standard wash tunnel, think outside of the box and get on board with N/S Corporation Themed Car Washes.

Themed Facilities

Blend Décor and Technology for a Memorable Wash Experience

Our themed facilities are emerging all over California and beyond. N/S Corporation can create a customized concept for your facility that employs colorful décor and lighting effects along with patented equipment to create a dazzling facility. N/S has created chemical applicators, rinse arches and custom brush pelts to fit emerging and creative themes.

Depending on the needs of your facility, our popular Bubblizer technology can be equipped with different features to complement the overall theme. The Bubblizer is a complex system that functions on letting bubbles drop on the vehicle to wash away grime and dirt particles. This cuts down on application time and cost. Different additions can also create a distinct system to contribute to the “Wow!” factor and differentiate your business from its competitors.

Some features include:

  • Multi-use chemical applicator arch that creates a dazzling light show.
  • Improves chemical efficiency for use with soap or wax.
  • Mounts to 4”x4” square anchor, 6”x6” square bulkhead, or 4” round arch.

With an easy installation process, you can add the Bubblizer and other themes quickly to existing facilities or have N/S Corporation to create something entirely new to accomplish your goals. Whether you want a rock and roll 1950s era throwback or a prehistoric dinosaur theme, N/S Corporation’s concepts and technology are a great pairing to push your business ahead of the competition with an unforgettable experience for all ages.

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