Many customers want more than just a standard wash when they go out to get their cars cleaned. To satisfy even the most detail-oriented car owners, a quality car polishing system is a must-have. N/S Corporation offers the Auto Hand Wax Polishing Station for on-demand buffing. The system features a bubblizer, a roll down mitter curtain, and a set of wrap brushes. By activating the mitter and the light show on the bubblizer and the drop down curtain, an operator gets a chance to offer two top package upgrades.  The auto hand wax system is a great income producer, see results quickly and earn a very fast payback on this system.

No Labor, Huge Profits

We at N/S Corporation like to call our Auto Hand Wax station the “On-Demand Profit Center” because of its dazzling effectiveness and cost efficiency. Both you and your customers can simply sit back and watch the Auto Hand Wax perform. The result is a quality waxing and buffing job without all the usual labor.