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Auto Hand Wax

Many customers want more than just a standard wash when they go out to get their cars cleaned. To satisfy even the most detail-oriented car owners, a quality car polishing system is a must-have. N/S Corporation offers the Auto Hand Wax Polishing Station for on-demand buffing. The system features a bubblizer, a roll down mitter curtain, and a set of wrap brushes. By activating the mitter and the light show on the bubblizer and the drop down curtain, an operator gets a chance to offer two top package upgrades.  The auto hand wax system is a great income producer, see results quickly and earn a very fast payback on this system.

No Labor, Huge Profits

We at N/S Corporation like to call our Auto Hand Wax station the “On-Demand Profit Center” because of its dazzling effectiveness and cost efficiency. Both you and your customers can simply sit back and watch the Auto Hand Wax perform. The result is a quality waxing and buffing job without all the usual labor.

auto hand wax system


The AutoHandWax Polishing Station is an “On-Demand” wax buffing system.  We refer to this module as the “On Demand Profit Maker.”  The system allows for quick activation (detracting curtain) of the Lammscloth polishing element for Customers who want both wax and buffing.  The module excels thanks to the patented Lammscloth material that works in a soft and buffing motion, working at about the same speed and pressure you would use to do it by hand.

lammscloth brush logo

NS Wash System’s ECO Series wash systems include our patented Lammscloth brush material.  Customers will thank you by coming back again and again.  Lammscloth was designed for cleaning vehicles deeply without dulling or damaging paint finishes and clear coats.  Lammscloth works like hundreds of hand mitts, slowly covering the vehicle with the proper amount of soap and water, while thoroughly cleaning vehicles with a quiet and gentle “hand wash” motion.  Lammscloth was proven in tests by DupontTM Performance Coatings to provide the safest, longest lasting shine in the industry. The fact is, customers feel more comfortable knowing that their “pride and joy” isn’t being whipped with harsh and forceful sounding brushes.  Every business needs a competitive edge.  Lammscloth is a powerful marketing tool that creates customer loyalty, which means more business for you!


System Dimensions:

  • Height: 10’
  • Width: 12’6”
  • Length: 9’
  • Vehicle Clearance: 96”

System Utility Requirements:

  • Power Consumption: 2.5 kwh
  • Voltage: 230V 3 phase or 460V
  • Air: 2 CFM


  • Other powder coating colors available
  • Other Lammscloth colors available

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