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What You’ll Find Here

In this department, you will find the following types of OEM replacement parts:

Car Wash Controls

  • Pressure control switches

  • Low-level freshwater makeup system for water recovery

  • Wand holders and assemblies

Car Wash Timers

  • Analog timers, standard AC voltage (120V and 240V)

  • IDEC analog timers, standard AC voltage

  • IDEC analog timers, 24 volt AC/DC control voltage

Car Wash Activation Systems

  • Electric eye activation systems, transmitters, and mounting hardware

  • Proximity sensors

  • Hose activators and assemblies

Looking for Something Else?

If you’re looking for specific parts besides car wash controls, timers, and activators, please browse our other departments through the navigation menu on your left.

For entire wash modules and high-level equipment, visit our Fleet Wash main page. If you own a retail car wash, visit our Retail Wash main page to find modules, equipment, and specific replacement parts for our retail wash systems. If you are looking for our transit washes, visit our Transit Wash main page.

Have questions or ordering issues? Contact us and we will be happy to help you! Since 1961, we have been proud to serve California, the West Coast, and the entire United States.


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