Prep Gun/ Pressure Washer

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Your Go-To Source for Pressure Washer Parts

We’re trusted by retail car wash businesses across the country when it comes to delivering the best commercial-grade pressure washer parts and support. Enjoy unbeatable quality, value, and power of choice when you shop at NS Wash. Find everything from male spray tip nozzles, motors, regulators for giant Hypro pumps, pressure gauges, pressure washer pop off valves, bushings, in-line filters, hoses with fittings, and more at competitive prices. 

Whether you need replacement parts for your pressure washing machines or want to stock up on high-quality car wash pressure washer attachments for your retail car wash, NS Wash is your go-to source. All our parts are designed to deliver superior performance, reliability, and durability that you can count on every day. 

Order Parts at NS Wash

Using the correct replacement parts for your pressure washing machines is critical in ensuring low-maintenance operations. Enjoy the simplicity of design with our proven retail car wash systems and parts at NS Wash. We sell the retail car wash equipment you need for your business and stock the parts, components, and kits you need to stay operational. 

The NS Wash team has decades of experience in the industry. Check out our Parts Store to find the car wash pressure washer attachments you need to get your equipment running at top capacity again.

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