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Save Money with Simple, Durable Parts

When you buy an NS Wash car wash blower, you’re getting a high-quality piece of hardware that’s built to last. One of the keys to long-term sustainability is to invest in quality products that offer a long service life. We also know that our customers value simple, efficient designs because simplicity means that the equipment does what it’s actually supposed to do: clean your customers’ vehicles. And so that’s exactly what our car wash air blowers do.


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We have over 50 years of serving our customers, so when you order our car wash blowers you can take confidence in knowing that you’re doing business with a company that knows the industry inside and out. Our wash systems and parts are used around the world, and we’re the leading producer on the West Coast of large vehicle washes for transit agencies and big trucks.

Need other parts? Be sure to check out our Retail Wash Parts storefront to see our full catalog of products. Contact us if you have product questions or need customer support.


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