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The Finest Large Vehicle Wash System in the Industry

NS Corporation is proud to feature the Nautica 4M Series Rollover Wash System. Nautica 4M washes are unrivaled in the industry, capable of quickly cleaning vehicles that are higher and wider than our competitors can match, yet with efficient external dimensions that minimize housing costs.

With Nautica 4M, you can be sure you’re getting the best truck wash brushes, bus brushes, and train brushes for your fleet or transit agency’s wash facilities.


Add Value to Your Nautica 4M Rollover System

Are you looking for other Nautica 4M components besides wash brushes? Check out our full selection of parts and add-ons for the Nautica 4M Series Rollover Wash System. In addition to the core hardware, we have numerous additional solutions available to increase the value proposition of your wash system, including:

  • Undercarriage washing

  • Dryer systems

  • Wax applicators

  • Reverse osmosis

  • Water recycling and conservation

NS Corporation is the national leader in vehicle washes for transit agencies, corporate and government fleets, and retail car washes. Find the best truck wash brushes and more online with us.

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