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Car Wash Hose Pipe Attachments for Transit Systems


Car wash hose pipes and parts undergo wear-and-tear every day. Over time, these components will degrade and break down, leading to water leaks and operational disruptions in your transit wash facility. Damaged or worn car cleaning hose pipe attachments can increase your utility bills and decrease service efficiency, resulting in reduced business profits.

Replacing worn-out hose parts and components will maximize the efficiency and profitability of your transit wash business. NS Wash manufactures a wide range of hoses and parts in different sizes for transit wash systems. Whether you operate a train wash plant or a truck and bus cleaning facility, we offer all the components you need for your transit wash system. Browse our selection of car wash hose pipes and parts to find the right components.


We stock a range of parts, which include:


Boost Business Profits With Quality Parts

NS Wash has more than 50 years of experience manufacturing top-of-the-line wash systems and components. Our car wash hose pipes and parts are made in the USA using highly-skilled American labor. We use the highest-quality components in our car cleaning hose pipe attachments to ensure a long service life. 

Our durable car wash systems and components are designed for easy use and maintenance. NS Wash’s car wash hose pipes and parts are environmentally-friendly and have low maintenance costs, helping your transit wash business save more money. Invest in NS Wash’s quality products to boost business profits.


Shop our Hose Parts to Make Your Transit Wash Run Smoothly 

Car wash hose pipes and parts wear down over time. Replace your worn-out car cleaning hose pipes and attachments with NS Wash components to keep your transit wash business running smoothly for the long haul.

Do you want more information about our products or need help with placing an order? Contact us now at (800) 782-1582 to ask for help. Shop our transit vehicle wash products to promote business growth.

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