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Professional Car Wash Products: Reducer Parts for Fleet Washes


Operating a fleet wash system can be costly. Industrial equipment maintenance and high utility costs can eat into your business profits. Replacement car wash parts — like reducers and gear motors — can help decrease fleet wash system costs by lowering power consumption, boosting equipment performance, and improving operational efficiency.

NS Wash’s professional car wash products promote cost savings to boost your business profits. Our gear motors and reducer parts lower the overall cost of operating a fleet wash system by increasing output torque while decreasing output speed. This speed reduction improves fleet wash system performance as many motors can’t operate efficiently at low RPM. Speed reducers also decrease motor power consumption, resulting in significant utility cost savings.

NS Wash offers a diverse range of replacement parts to boost your fleet cleaning system’s performance and efficiency. Our products include:

  • Reducers
  • Reducer shafts
  • Sleeve adapters
  • Gear oil


Get Quality Industrial Equipment and Products

NS Wash is the largest vehicle wash manufacturer on the West Coast. With more than five decades of industrial equipment manufacturing experience, our professional car wash products have helped boost efficiency in countless vehicle cleaning facilities around the world. Our car wash systems are made from durable components to boost performance for years to come.


Shop Our Professional Products to Cut Wash System Costs

NS Wash’s professional car wash products reduce the costs of operating a fleet wash system, improving your business’s profit margins. Our industrial equipment boosts system performance and efficiency to help your fleet wash business thrive. 


If you need more information about our reducer parts, you can contact our toll-free number at (800) 782-1582 to speak with our customer support team. Shop our replacement car wash parts to help your fleet wash business reach its full potential.


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