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Quality Air Retract Equipment

The air retract system is an important part of your automatic wash. Properly functioning pneumatic systems give you smooth and efficient operation during the wash process. In the intemperate, wet environment of a wash bay, however, these components can show signs of wear as the air-powered and electric parts experience heavy use. We carry a full line of wash equipment, vehicle dryer parts, and electric timers to keep your system going so you can keep your fleet running. 

Expert Service And Real-World Engineering

NS Corporation wash systems are built to last, but they’re also meant to be easy to maintain and repair when components eventually wear out. Built around the real-world needs of commercial and transit wash bays, our systems give you the right mix of efficiency, reliability, and ease of use for maximum cost-effectiveness. Contact our customer service team with any questions about our wash systems. Order your air retract system components from NS Corporation today.



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