Tire Gloss Applicator

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What Is Tire Gloss?

Tire gloss (also known as tire shine) will give your customers’ tires a rich, glossy shine that is deep, dark, and instantly striking to the eye—similar to freshly stained wood. While mundane tires are often overlooked, premium tires are a status symbol and a mark of pride of ownership.

Good tires instantly enhance the look of your customers’ cars, so by offering a tire shine applicator option to your washes you can expand your ROI potential.

What You Will Find in This Department

In addition to complete tire gloss applicator assemblies being available, we also have OEM replacement parts of the various individual components, including:


  • Applicator rub bars

  • Rail covers

  • Splash shields

  • Pressure gauges

  • Air cylinders

  • Diaphragm pumps

  • Flow control valves


Find All the OEM Parts You Need

NS Wash has been proud to supply elegantly engineered, durable vehicle wash systems since 1961. Need something besides tire shine applicator parts? For specific parts, navigate to other departments using the menu on the left. You can visit our Fleet Wash page to find entire wash modules and systems for fleets. To find transit wash modules and parts, visit our Transit Wash main page.

Need assistance? Contact us if for help finding specific parts or with questions about placing an order. We will be delighted to help you!


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