Atlanta APTA Expo


Every three years, the team at N/S Corporation takes a trip to attend the APTA Expo and showcase the new products and innovative technologies we’ve recently developed. This year the show took place in Atlanta. Next year the show will be in NS’s backyard, Anaheim. As a growing company, N/S Corporation wants to connect with other key players in the transit industry, develop long lasting relationships with industry design architects, and display our products. Learn more about our success at the APTA Expo here.



With a space over four times the size of our closest competitors, we can really take over the show. Our team has a depth of product to showcase that dwarfs other bus and train wash manufacturers’ displays, and allows end users to experience our product up close and personal without any additional marketing. Transit agencies and design engineers all have access to our newest systems! On display is over five decades of innovation. On display is the only true vertically integrated player in vehicle wash systems in the US.

What We Showcased


At this year’s APTA Expo, we highlighted our Smart Gate System — a pneumatically operated gate that opens and closes the inflow of air into a blower reducer’s impeller chamber. It reduces power consumption by up to 50% by eliminating the need to start and stop motors multiple times per hour. Since washing buses or other large vehicles can demand more starts and stops than a traditional system can handle, using our Smart Gate System minimizes motor damage to the wash system. Other benefits include:

  • Noise Reduction to Notably Lower Decibel Levels for a Safer Work Environment
  • Can Be Retrofitted for Any N/S Corporation Blower
  • Works Like a Small Compressor
  • Made of 75% Recycled Structural Aluminum
  • Has a Bolt On Design
  • Is Made in the USA!

About the APTA Expo


The APTA (American Public Transportation Association) Expo is held every three years to coincide with the association’s annual meeting. This expo acts as the public transit sector’s premier showcase of new technology, innovative products, and unique services. Held in Atlanta, Georgia, this year’s expo ran from October 9th to the 11th.

This is the only event where technology and cutting edge innovation come together and allow every business in the industry to experience public transportation products and services up close. Attendees have the opportunity to connect with over 800 exhibitors from the global community, network with over 12,000 businesses, industry insiders, and peers, and join with others in the industry to develop solutions for the future.

N/S at the APTA Expo

smart gate

The N/S Corporation team was enthusiastic to participate in this year’s expo and we can’t wait for the next show coming in 2020. Since we’re always developing new products and solutions to all of your wash system woes, we have an endless list of technologies to share. Keep up with our newest designs and showcases when you follow our blog today!

NS Wash Bubblizer at ICA

Join N/S in Nashville for the Unveiling of the Mega Bubblizer

NS Wash Bubblizer at ICA

N/S Corporation has made a habit of staying ahead of the competition by pioneering new innovations for all wash systems. Our newest addition to the wash equipment selection is the Mega Bubblizer. In this new and improved bubble arch, N/S Corporation has created a more efficient way to disperse chemicals over the body of any vehicle in the car wash.

Why Bubbles Are Different

Similar to a close shave, the cleansing foam needs to be applied or circulated with friction to properly clean a vehicle. Bubbles, on the other hand, flow over the surface of the vehicle and offer better coverage and a more thorough dispersion of the soap. Use a bubblizer to apply soap, wax, or glass treatments. The bubblizer can even be customized with a light and bubble show! There’s no better way to give customers a unique car wash experience and instill them with confidence.

Features and Function

In addition to a light show, the bubblizer has many useful features. It improves the chemical efficiency of soap and wax, can be mounted to a 4”x4” square anchor, a 6”x6” square bulkhead, or a 4” round arch, and creates a wow factor for customer enjoyment.

How Bubbles Changed the Industry

Bubbles took the industry by storm when they were introduced into wash systems. Car wash proprietors were able to make a small investment to achieve very high returns. N/S Corporation has taken that revolutionary innovation and pushed the evolution of the Bubblizer forward. The Mega Bubblizer offers better graphics, a dazzling light show, and an even more effective way to drop bubbles onto the surface of a car.The Mega Bubblizer

See N/S Corporation in Action

N/S Corporation’s Bubblizer offers a revolutionary way to deliver chemicals and is a great investment for every tunnel owner. The N/S Corporation Bubblizer is distinguished from the competition because we value simplicity over complexity. The Bubblizer lets the bubbles do all the work on the vehicle. Discover the benefits of using a Bubblizer to dispense chemicals, instead of foamers.

Visit us in Nashville at the ICA Show in Booth  #3904, where we will show the Mega Bubblizer in action. We are running a show-exclusive special on the Bubblizer. The frame, graphics, multi-color lights, chemical board, and powder coating are all available for $7,600 as part of the Bubblizer package.

Themed Carwashes

The car wash doesn’t have to be a dull experience. Customers can experience a fabulous car wash light show with the N/S Corporation Mega Bubblizer. With the Bubblizer, offer your customers an entertaining and enjoyable experience whenever they need to get their cars cleaned. Imagine creating a volcano themed car wash or a galaxy inspired light show. Create a custom themed car wash with the Mega Bubblizer.